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The Palm Garden Village Hotel is quite simply a stunning Sri Lankan paradise of a hotel, and is located in the Anuradhapura area. The building itself is located on top of a 50-acre plot of land that was originally used for chena cultivation. These days, the hotel is surrounded by a botanical garden, with more than 500 tall trees and 2000 exotic plants. To put it simply, the hotel is absolutely ideal for the nature lovers out there. When guests stay at the Palm Garden Village Hotel, they wake up each morning to an exotic paradise of spectacular greenery, creating a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere. The hotel is the perfect place to escape from city hustle and bustle and the stresses of daily life back home.

Hotel Facilities

The hotel itself certainly is not lacking where facilities are concerned. Palm Garden provides guests with many useful facilities within the hotel, including its swimming pool surrounded by evergreen, a state of the art gym, an entertaining games room and a stunning Roman Catholic chapel for that extra little bit of peace and serenity on your Sri Lankan break. Not only this, but Palm Garden has a modern, well-stocked bar that serves adventurous and exotic cocktails, plus a range of other beverages to be tried. The hotel’s restaurant is also very popular with guests, too; the chefs here work hard to produce the best dishes possible. However, the most important part of Palm Garden Village Hotel is its Ayurveda services. This really allows the guests to get a real taste of Sri Lankan life. 'Ayurveda' translates as Life Science, and is Sri Lanka’s traditional herbal medicine that has been used for thousands of years, as proved in ancient texts. The medicine itself is based on the cures found in leaves, flowers, roots and berries. From these, the Sri Lankans make tonics, wines, potions, pills, ointments and more. The Ayurveda Centre at the hotel teaches guests everything they need to know about this secretive miracle practice. The spa also offers a range of massages, a herbal bath, steam bath and Jacuzzi bath. If that’s not relaxation, what is?

Hotel Accommodation

Rooms at the Palm Garden Village Hotel are romantic and breath-taking with a warm and welcoming atmosphere about them. If you’d really like to get a feel for the country’s culture, then you’ll love the décor in the rooms here. The hotel provides 10 spacious suites, all of which have extremely large beds and individual sitting areas. Amenities include a Satellite TV and mini-bar.

Places to visit

The location of the hotel is away from the hustle and bustle of the more populated area of Sri Lanka, but is still within easy access of many places of interest. Palm Garden is situated around 130km from Kandy, 90km from Trincomalee and 65km from both Dambulla and Sigiriya.

Hotel activities

So, now that you know a little bit more about Palm Garden Village and all it has to offer, perhaps you’d like to stay here during your Sri Lankan getaway. The hotel is renowned for its relaxing & traditional spa, its stunning botanical garden surroundings and its luxurious rooms.

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